Deadmanwonder robot world
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Daoist_Kylie Rebirth in the Naruto World
Ren, a die hard otaku, lived his life watching Naruto becoming a complete shut in. One day he suddenly dies of a heart attack only to find himself in the Naruto World.
SaintOrder Oles the Traveler
Confined in a prison with demons, monsters, intergalactic war criminals, and just about anyone that has the capacity to destroy civilizations. Watch the rise of prisoner 0145, become the first being in the universe to surpass the universe in becoming a true God and traveling the plains of all world and realms watching heros and demons rising and falling all for this true gods enjoyment. ............
Daihollow Reborn In Against the Gods
Ryu was a youngster . Most of the time he plays video games such as ps4 , xbox .. e.t.c and read manga novels . one day when he brought his new game and coming back to his home . He saw a two children in the road crying and a truck was coming in their direction. he ran forward and save them but the truck hit him and he died . before he died he is still smiling thinking that his life was used to...

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