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Jake Samson is a troubled, unhappy teenager living in Reno, Nevada. He has everything a person would want, wealth, good looks, intelligence, yet he remains bitterly unhappy. His only two friends are Clem and Jorge, and they aren’t sure of Jake, and he isn’t of them. The story opens on Christmas Eve in Reno. Jake is alone in his family’s mansion overlooking the city waiting for Clem and Jorge to arrive. All day he’s felt edgy and nervous as if someone is watching him. Then, just as he is standing on his balconey and spots Clem and Jorge on their bikes, a strange cloud forms into a wasted, sick face. From there, Jake descends into a night of fear and revelation about himself and what he will become.

Virtual Christmas is a modern version of Dickens’ famous “A Christmas Carol.” The difference being that Jake is young while Scrooge is old and the three ghosts in the story are generated by modern computers. With each ghost, Jake travels to a different part of his life, past, present, and future. Learn how he came to hate his father and grandfather, travel with him to his friends’ houses where he learns what they really think of him, and finally learn of his future and what he can do to become happy.

Love, caring feelings, and adventure await the reader in “Virtual Christmas.

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