I wanted to write a few words about Ukraine today. Almost all of it boils down to the fact that the Russians have a legitimate gripe. And if the United States were facing a similar situation, we’d do as they have.

First, the Crimea has always been a valuable asset to Russia, and the Soviet Union before 1989, and to Czarist Russia before the Communists. The Crimea gives Russia it’s only warm weather port, and that is essential for their trade and defense. The United States has been blessed with three excellent coasts, wonderful harbors, and except in Alaska, none are frozen over. Oh, the Great Lakes now and then, but they are inland.

Don’t think the United States wouldn’t fight to keep its only warm weather port. We would because it would be a necessity as it is with Russia. And don’t think we wouldn’t protect ethnic Americans if Mexico or Canada were threatening them. Fortunately, we enjoy good relations with our neighbors, and there hasn’t been any real problems along those lines. Hopefully, there never will be. (We should also remember that we tried twice to invade Canada and both times they kicked our butts.)

The situation is much more murky in Ukraine. For many years, it was ruled by Russia or the Soviet Union, and there are millions of Ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine. These people are Russian speaking, and they identify with Russia not Ukraine, and they are willing to fight to become part of Russia. That to me is along the same lines of our revolution.

Also, I’d like to point out that the flagship of the Ukrainian navy is now flying a Russian flag. The captain of the ship may be ethnic Russian or probably is ethnic Russian, but a great deal of his officers and crew must be too, or else they would have mutinied. There is no other way he could get away with it.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. There are millions of people in Ukraine who are ethnic Russian, and they want to become part of that country. Think what you will of Putin, but those people have a right to live as they wish. The solution I see to the problem is to divide Ukraine along ethnic lines. The east and Crimea can become part of Russia, the west can stay independent.

The U.S. and Europe can then give the Ukrainians what aid they need. Every time a division like this has been made, the people living under Russia’s government have lost. We divide Ukraine and win the war. Enough said.