I’ve advocated for years that we should legalize all drugs. The reason why is because our war on drugs has failed and failed miserably. We are worse off now than we were ten years ago, and much worse off than we were fifty years ago. All those billions spent have only gotten a lot of people killed, made using drugs more sensational, and taken a lot of tax from the country.

Yes, let’s tax drugs, and keep the money here and the costs down, and flood the market and drive the drug czars out of business. Right now, we have foreign aliens hiding in our forests growing illicit drugs. Hate to take their jobs away from them, but I’d rather have it in government hands.

Now, don’t think I’m foolish and not realize that this is going to take a lot of work to administer, but it will be self supporting, and we can spend our drug enforcement monies on more positive things. Yeah, and we can empty our prisons. Way to go Colorado. Keep up the good work.