What is it that enthralls you about a book? Mainly, I have to have characters that I can identify with and grow to like or dislike, but much more often like. I also enjoy a good plot. My favorite mystery writer is still Agatha Christie. She has great characters and plots, and that’s why I liked her so much. That’s true with almost any book I read. I think it’s the same with most readers.

In “Virtual Christmas,” I attempted to create a main character who is so thoroughly obnoxious that the reader will want to learn why such a young person is so bitter and frustrated. Jake Samson’s character is my hook to draw my reader into the book. A good friend told me that I had created a thoroughly despicable character, and I knew that I succeeded. The next step was to create a plot, but that had already been created for me. So, I gave it a modern twist.
“Virtual Christmas” can be purchased at Virtualbookworm.com. My website WWW.BooksbyClyde.com is linked to Virtualbookworm, and has a synopsis of “Virtual Christmas.”