5 reasons why the Battle of Chattanooga was the most heroic charge in the American Civil War

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Evelyn Sears, Knowledge Base
Mr. Hedges’ 'The Boys Of Chattanooga' book is a fine example of historical fiction. The characters and events are based on careful research. Moreover, he also fills his book with full bodied characters who are engaging and believable and the momentum never stops.
Julie Faila Earhart, Armchair Interviews
Mr. Hedges does a remarkable job in making the reader realize how important the Battle of Chattanooga was. The story of why the Union Soldiers assaulted Missionary Ridge without orders has been lost to history, but who led the charge and why is easily imagined in Mr. Hedges’s captivating novel.
Randall Bowman, Reader
I absolutely loved "Virtual Christmas." It's a great rendition of a modern-day "Christmas Carol." I couldn't stop reading it, especially after my 6-year-old got ahold of the book and got hooked on it too!
Jennifer Lacy, Reader
I picked up "The Boys of Chattanooga" after stumbling across Clyde on Facebook...I gotta say, it's been a great read so far. Amazing take on a very under-recognized part of important American history.
Nancy Sheridan, Reader
Frisky Fairy Tales 1 was an awesome read! I bought it so I could read it to my 4-year-old and he absolutely loved it. Lots of good laughs, definitely recommend it. Can't wait to read part 2!